Beach Protection


The DESMI MESH BOOM is the result of years of investigation and tests, it is based on a nautical grid that allows water and wind to pass but retains the sargassum, protecting the beaches. Light weight, high tension strength, and high buoyancy enable the DESMI MESH BOOM to perform in harsh conditions as e.g. big waves and heavy winds.



Main Features:
- High tension strength, low weight and high buoyance enable it to perform in heavy waves
- Section length standard 15 m / 50 ft, any length on inquiry
- Aluminium slide ASTM (F 962) end connectors – allow easy and quick boom removal from water
- Nautical grid, it is not a net, it is a mesh made of polyester filament yarns
- Foam filled HDPE floats, no harmful polystyrene
- Heavy duty spherical floats 36 cm / 14”
- Cast iron ballast weights with stainless steel bolts & nuts
- Mesh tensile strength: 53 kN / 12000 lbs
- Overall height: 105 cm / 42”
- Draft: 75 cm / 30”
- Freeboard: 30.5 cm / 12”
- Compact and easy storage when not in use
- Less maintenance and anchoring requirement compared with fix wall booms
- Easy on-site repairmen if needed

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Combating Marine Pollution & Protecting Waters

EnviRo-Care Solutions for Rivers & Tributaries

Marine & Aquatic debris is one of the most widespread solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

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