Trash boom / Floating debris barrier - The EnviRo-Enhancer is a simple solution for floating garbage removal and collection of trash and plastic articles.


Floating debris, municipal Trash and Plastic articles are an ongoing blemish on the Environment. Much of this material finds its way into streams, rivers, canals and ultimately into our oceans. A simple solution to this is the DESMI EnviRo-Enhancer. It is designed to operate under a wide range of tidal conditions and water flow rates with minimal maintenance and longevity in mind.



DESMI trash systems utilize proven DESMI booms and tide compensation accessories as an integral part of the system. Performance, simplicity, and durability are the watchwords for the EnviRo-Enhancer. It serves to contain much of the floating surface debris while allowing smaller particles and most naturally occurring materials suspended in the water column to pass through.


The unit floats on the surface of the water, rising and falling with tides and runoff.


Maintenance consists of periodically lifting the debris basket out of the trap and dumping of its content for sorting or disposal.


Installation consists of placing the Enhancer on pilings, and securing the upstream end of the boom to pilings or simply to the shoreline or a mooring.


The framework of the EnviRo-Enhancer is made from rugged steel construction and is hot dip galvanized for longevity in the marine and aquatic environments. Inflatable fenders or heavy PE pipes with foam filling provides the floatation. The basked is welded steel mesh available in a variety of mesh sizes.


EnviRo-Enhancer is the perfect choice for:

  • Cleaning of rivers, lakes, ponds and drains
  • Marine debris trash collection / Waste Management / Waste Collection
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Combating Marine Pollution & Protecting Waters

EnviRo-Care Solutions for Rivers & Tributaries

Marine & Aquatic debris is one of the most widespread solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

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