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We can help you combat the challenge of cleaning up floating trash in your area with our end-to-end solutions

Marine & Aquatic debris, garbage and trash is one of the most widespread solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. Successful waste management, floating garbage collection and debris removal requires a comprehensive understanding of marine and aquatic environments together with the necessary experience with debris equipment like trash barriers and booms.

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Marine Debris Management Solutions

After 40 years of safeguarding marine environments from oil spills and protecting waters around the globe, DESMI EnviRo-Care was created to provide unsurpassed containment and recovery methods in water bodies to deflect and collect floating debris that includes municipal garbage & plastic articles.

Trash Barriers and Booms

Boom and Barrier Options

Control plastic and garbage flow in rivers with DESMI's floating debris booms and trash barriers, designed for containment and management.

  • Protection of waterways, lakes, marinas, near shore / shore-based units from being awash with floating debris / seaweeds
  • Accumulating the ocean bound floating debris in all kinds of water bodies and coastal terrains
  • Recovery of accumulated debris through manual/automatic/robotic equipment
  • Process the collected waste in Waste Processing Plants to achieve “Zero Waste”
  • Processing of Organic and Plastics components in Municipal Solid Waste into commercially viable by-products. 
  • Use of crop residue, also known as “Biomass”, in converting it to products.
  • Processing of Sewage Sludge into Phosphorus rich fertilizer which can then be mixed with the soil



For years, DESMI has been committed to sustainable growth and as a natural step now also to the UN sustainable development goals set up by UN, and we stand together with local authorities and other manufacturers to try to make a difference.

The Hyderabad Project

The project in Hyderabad is to express the willingness of all parties DESMI – WRI India – HMDA, Govt. of India, to engage in conducting a clean-up project upstream to the Hussain Sagar lake (the World’s largest heart shaped lake) in Hyderabad, India.


QHSE – DESMI EnviRo-Care

Our regular inspections & trainings are the proof of our strong focus on HSEQ. Herewith benefiting our employees, customers, partners & environment

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