Marine debris trash boom - The Ocean friendly trash remover

Combatting Marine Pollution with the Sweep – series will result in a much cleaner shoreline and reduce the plastic
in the water significantly. The concept is well proven within the Oil Spill Combat industry when recovering heavy
fractions of oil/tar balls.
Experience has shown that it is important to have puncture resistant guide booms creating the opening of the
system. DESMI is using two sizes: Ro-Boom 650 and Ro-Boom 1000 as guide booms. The guide boom 650 is 2
sections, each with 3 air chambers. The guide boom 1000 is 2 sections, each with 5 air chambers. The actual collection
part of the Sweep series consists of an entrance net connected to the two guide booms. The entrance net
is again connected to one or more trawl bags recovering the floating debris.



The other end of the guide booms has tow bar and towing rope connected to one or two towing boats. If towing
with two boats, it is important to ensure good and constant communication between the boats. With one boat
operation there are two possibilities:

  1. Having the boat equipped with a Jib with a length of typically 5 – 8 meters giving a corresponding opening
    of the Sweep
  2. Using a Ro-Kite which will allow an opening of up to 20 meters – will normally require a boat minimum 12 – 15
    meters in length with keel and some 150 hp


  • Long lasting durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to Operate
  • Design giving low shipping cost
  • Up to 3,500 kg recovered waste per hour
  • The recovered waste is guided sideways directly to the shoreline either left or right


The perfect choice for:

  • Ocean plastic removal / Floating garbage removal
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Combating Marine Pollution & Protecting Waters

EnviRo-Care Solutions for Rivers & Tributaries

Marine & Aquatic debris is one of the most widespread solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes.

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