Oil Containment Booms

The oil containment booms and barriers from DESMI are trusted throughout the industry.

A containment boom or oil boom is a floating barrier that enables a containment and collection of spilled oil.

When oil spills occur, oil booms will significantly reduce the pollution of the ocean and shorelines - and make a the collection and recovery much easier. DESMI is your experts!

offshore or nearshore, the Arctic or Equatorial

Booms for all spill conditions

DESMI Offshore Oil booms have been proven all over the world and in most of the world’s major oil spills. We have a wide range of booms available to accommodate your needs.



RO-BOOM Offshore, Nearshore, Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
RO-BOOM SPI Offshore, Nearshore, Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
RO-BOOM Beach Nearshore, Ports/Ponds, Rivers
A-Boom Ports/Ponds, Industrial
RO-FENCE Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
GLOBEBOOM Nearshore, Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
TroilBOOM GP Nearshore, Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
TROILBOOM AF Nearshore, Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
DESMI BOOM Offshore, Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
Speed Sweep SYSTEMS Offshore, Nearshore


Heavy-duty oil containment boom

The most effective, reliable and durable oil containment booms available today. A robust boom resistant to abrasion, oils and sunlight.

DESMI RO-Boom 2000 - Swedish Coast Guard

Customer Specific Solutions

DESMI delivers customer specific solutions to tailor the different needs of our partners. Learn more in the example below made for the Swedish Coast Guard.



DESMI manufacture a wide range of winders for our booms, enabling them to be used in various situations. We are able to produce them in a variety of sizes, to hold different capacities of boom, and as containerised winders if necessary to meet customer requirements.


If a winder is not a storage option, then more cost-effective storage options can also be offered in the way of storage racks for the TROILBOOM and A-BOOM. These lightweight aluminium racks allow the boom to be fleeted in and stored, ready to be pulled out and deployed at a moments notice.

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