Boom & Barrier Options

Floating debris booms and trash barriers to control and contain plastic and other garbage floating in rivers and tributaries.


Durable Containment Boom

RO-FENCE is a rigid buoyancy boom for long-term deployment, manufactured in robust materials designed to withstand harsh effects of abrasion, UV, oil and marine degradation.RO-FENCE is best suited to protected and inland waters.

Advantages of RO-FENCE:


  • RO-FENCE has rugged construction for long life
  • Fitted with impact and abrasion resistant floats
  • Sturdy base fabric
  • Optional foam filled floats for ultimate reliability
  • A choice of section lengths and end connectors
  • Simple to repair
  • Ideal for containment and protection from oil spills, trash and other floating pollutants
  • Extreme durability ensures low maintenance requirements


High Buoyancy Floating Mesh Barrier

A revolutionary high buoyancy floating mesh barrier for floating trash, plastic, debris and other elements that require control.

Advantages of Mesh Boom:


  • Adequate for use in waves and wide water bodies
  • Does not disturb water species as per its short draft
  • Can be used to deflect pollutants to a collection point at the shore
  • Does not catch fishes, it is not a Net
  • Strong anchoring points located at both sides of the aluminium end connectors
  • No harmful polystyrene
  • Easy on-site repair if needed
  • Compact and easy storage when is not in use
  • Less maintenance and anchoring requirements compared with fix wall booms.
  • Standard aluminium marine grade connectors allows easy connection and retrieval

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