Waste Processing Technology

With a focus on a circular approach, DESMI will help you to identify the polluted site, recommend the best solution for each specific challenge and contain and recover all floating marine debris from the site. Apart from that DESMI will advise and suggest a different solution for processing the marine debris recovered, obtaining a valuable resource.

PDMF - Marine Waste Processing




  • Processing capacity from 1.5 TPD – 5 TPD
  • Dried feedstock – plastics and/or organic
  • 10+ years of experience in organic waste processing
  • Decentralized solution
  • Supply renewable heat energy from residual biomass for heating & drying purposes
  • High safety standards – “continuous process”
  • Output – Biochar & Activated carbon
  • 80 % waste volume reduction
  • Energy – efficient
  • Carbon negative by-product
  • EU environmental standards
  • Cloud consulting & data optimization
  • Climate control console parameters to suit high temperature regions
  • Commissioning & training included



For years, DESMI has been committed to sustainable growth and as a natural step now also to the UN sustainable development goals set up by UN, and we stand together with local authorities and other manufacturers to try to make a difference.

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