Win-Win Co-operation

For more than five years, Sadhav Shipping has been using DESMI Oil Spill Response equipment and the quality of the equipment has constantly lived up to its slogan, “Proven Oil Spill Technology”

Mr. Vedant K. Choudhury, Director at Sadhav Shipping, is very happy with the oil spill response equipment delivered by DESMI.

“The first skimmers were delivered five years back and every month the equipment is used for testing and training and every time it has proved to be of a strong and high quality that matches today’s need for equipment that can go the distance,” says Mr. Choudhury.

“The equipment has never been used for a real life oil spill, but there is no doubt that the equipment will be able to handle live oil spill response if an oil spill should occur,” adds Mr. Choudhury and continues, “For us it is important to have equipment that we can rely on and that performs when in use.

When starting the co-operation with DESMI, we used much time going through the specs and options, and we quickly discovered that DESMI had the knowledge and skills to ensure that we got the right equipment. DESMI understood what we needed and challenged us on input for the contract which has been important learning for our business. The relationship between our companies is based on good communication, feedback, service and trust, and for DESMI it has been important to sell us a solution that can be used for many years and meets our requirements and actual need. 

From the start, it has been clear that this was not just about price. This was about building trust and making our companies grow bigger – and for me this is a win-win co-operation.”

With new regulations coming in, national ports and authorities need more equipment for oil spill response. “The market is developing and our service team is very happy about the equipment, so if anyone should ask – yes, we will be more than happy to recommend DESMI oil spill response equipment to other companies,” concludes Mr. Choudhury.


Sadhav,  including the two companies Sadhav Shipping Ltd. & Sadhav Offshore Engineering Co. was founded in 1992 to handle operations, maintenance & repairs (O&M, MRO) on board ships and offshore structures, with the ultimate purpose of owning and operating ships. Sadhav is a trusted powerhouse in the Indian marine logistics and engineering industry and a formidable force in the offshore logistics, drydock & ship repair and oil spill response sectors and continues substantial businesses in coastal logistics, port services, offshore oil & gas projects and ship building projects. 


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