ALBANISA Oil Spill Equipment Setup

As a part of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America (acronym in Spanish: ALBA), Nicaragua has received funds to build a new oil hub in the Caribbean. The hub will be available for oil companies in order to store their products before reaching its final destination. By doing that the profit will be increased as the costs for transportion is reduced.

The updated environmental regulations and the plan to have industrial complexes forces many oil spill combating companies to have an oil spill contingency plan. Recently, DESMI sold four systems of booms:


  • 1200m of RO-BOOM 1300
  • Power packs
  • Hoses
  • Towing sets

To Alba Petróleos de Nicaragua, S.A. (ALBANISA) - a private entity which was set up in 2007 to manage investment funds that Nicaragua receives through its membership in the Alianza Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América (Alba) trade bloc. The company is currently developing the El Supremo Sueño de Bolívar industrial complex. The complex envisions an interoceanic oil pipeline, a refinery, a petrochemicals plant dubbed Victorias Tempranas and a storage plant.

The purpose of ALBANISA’s investment in the equipment is to control, prevent and mitigate oil spill during loading and transportation of oil from Venezuela to the north of America or any country needing the equipment.

In connection to the equipment sold, DESMI conducted a two-day commissioning seminar for ALBANISA which Tnvolved class training and drill.

The headline for the first day was “Oil Spill Response and Operators Training” which focused on:

- Operation
- System function
- Deployment
- Recovery
- Configurations
- Trouble shooting

Day two focused on the drill in relation to the training made on day one.


DESMI Field engineers Alejandro Roldán and Guillermo Chávez from the office in Latin America performed the demonstration including the following:


  • Oil Spill Training, tactics and configurations
  • Run through of each piece of equipment
  • Deploying and Recovering the RO-BOOM 1300
  • Shutdown procedures and after operation care including preventive maintenance

ALBANISA gained expertise and knowledge about how to use the oil spill response equipment in case of oil spillage and while doing the commissioning and training DESMI also made an inspection both inside the complex and outside in order ro search for “break points” when selection equipment in the future.


After the training and commissioning ALBANISA and the Industrial Complex states “The DESMI advices and the performance of the equipment was very useful and huge knowledge has been gained. We are happy and confident that we are well prepared if oil spill should happen”.

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