Oil Spill Response Training Courses

As part of our ongoing drive to provide our clients with the best oil spill response solutions available, DESMI Ro-Clean has achieved Nautical Institute accreditation for its OPRC Model Courses Level 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response (OPRC) Training Courses

Nautical Institute Accredited Oil Spill Response Training


The OPRC 1990 Convention obliges governments to establish a programme of exercises for oil pollution response organizations and training of relevant personnel.
The IMO has developed a range of training courses to address all aspects of oil spill planning, response and management. These are known as the OPRC Model Courses. These courses have been designed and developed by an international group of experts from governments and industry. 


The courses will be delivered by a team of highly experienced instructors who can draw upon their extensive experience designing, manufacturing and operating response systems across the global. With a focus on providing as much interaction with our team as possible, to maximise the learning experience and allow the participants direct access to our experts on a one-to-one basis.

Oil Spill Response Training Course


The courses on oil pollution preparedness and response (OPRC) have been developed for four levels of competency:

- Level Zero: Awareness Level
- Level One: First Responders (Operational)
- Level Two: Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders (Tactical)
- Level Three: Administrators and Senior Managers (Strategic)


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Oil Spill Response Training Courses

In many spheres of education, it’s enough for course instructors to have a theoretical understanding of the field. In oil spill response, however, DESMI isn’t taking chances, putting experienced operatives into its classrooms to ensure trainees make all the right moves.

If you would like more information regarding these training courses or the delivery of training to suit your needs, please contact our training department :

Oil Spill Response Courses

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