January 2022

DESMI Supplies Equipment for Collection of Trash on Korle Lagoon

Combating Plastic Pollution in Ghana

DESMI Africa has cooperated with local NGO in Ghana, Coastal Conservancy Organisation (CCO), which works with clean-up programs for beaches and aims to enrich the quality of marine life, to deploy equipment to remove floating trash from the Korle Lagoon.


The DESMI Enhancer E-B2100 and the Ro-Fence 600 have been deployed along the coastlines and will prevent plastics and floating debris from reaching the sea. The deployments of this marine debris collection equipment will work as proactive action against ocean pollution.


In its work, the CCO is focused on the marine environment. CCO has decided to scale up its activities and not wait for beaches to overflow with trash and debris before cleaning them. Instead, the new waste collection equipment will prevent plastics and other sorts of debris from reaching the beaches all together.


Korle Lagoon is the biggest floating waterway in Accra and has become the pilot-project for the CCO’s initiative to capture the attention of stakeholders and inform them of the existence of equipment which is capable of combating marine pollution.


CCO has identified several other hotspots of marine plastic pollution and plans to deploy more equipment in the future.


Find additional images and a local broadcast about the project below.

river trash removal


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