Ro-Weir Oil Skimmer

The RO-WEIR is a versatile and inexpensive floating suction head that can be deployed in a multitude of ways for recovering floating oil in lagoons, separators, pits and hard to reach places such as oil sumps.



The advantages of the RO-WEIR is made possible due to the small size of the suction head to which either long or short suction pipes can be connected – to the back or the top.


Manufactured in aluminium the RO-WEIR is very light and comprises a suction head with welded floatation compartments and a manually adjustable weir. The RO-WEIR is supplied with the following:

  • Angled hand tool with shoulder strap for manual guidance of the suction head
  • 1 metre / 3ft long straight pipe with two polyethylene hose floats for connection to the back port for skimming on open areas of water.
  • 0.3 metre / 1 ft suction pipe for locations where space is minimal or the head is to be lowered vertically into the oil.


Other Advantages

  • Floating suction head with adjustable weir entry
  • Compact dimensions
  • Suitable for industrial lagoons, pits and drains, the RO-WEIR can skim a wide variety of floating materials such as oil, scum, and ash
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Connect to any suitable suction pump
  • A low cost but powerful skimmer system
  • Simple construction ensures low maintenance and long life
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