Single Sweep Systems

The Ro-Sweep system was originally developed for use in the harsh conditions of the North Sea to allow one vessel to conduct oil sweeping and recovery operations.

Many Maritime Authorities around the world, including Denmark, UK and Russia, now operate the Ro-Sweep. The Ro-Sweep is based on the Ro-Boom range of oil containment booms with an outrigger arm manufactured in robust galvanized steel.

As only one vessel is required for both the containment and recovery operation, the at sea response time is kept to a minimum. The Ro-Sweep is used for floating garbage removal, both in cleaning of lakes, cleaning of ponds, cleaning of rivers and drains.



Advantages of RO-SWEEP:

  • Single ship systems reduce response times
  • RO-SWEEP systems can be enhanced with longer boom sections for increasing encounter rate with oil.
  • Choice of skimmer systems.
  • Available for all sizes of RO-BOOM with different sweep widths.
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong
  • Takes very little storage space when not in operation
  • Can be used with any skimmer type
  • Rapid deployment
  • Marine Grade Aluminium construction


Also to be used for:

  • Waste Management / Waste collection / Floating garbage removal
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