The POLLCRAFT are versatile 10 and 12m pollution workboats that are designed to undertake a wide range of cleanup duties in the port or terminal.


This stable and manoeuvrable working platform is fitted with a hydraulic knuckle crane and a wheelhouse mounted forward.

This vessel is capable of a range of duties including - oil containment boom deployment, oil skimming, debris collection and high pressure hot water cleaning.


A ballast tank system is provided to trim the craft under different operating conditions.


Additionally the POLLCRAFT is suitable for a wide range of general work boat duties made possible by the clear deck area aft in excess of 20m2 and a carrying capacity up to 5000 kg / 11,000 lbs.



  • Versatile work platform fitted with hydraulic knuckle crane and liquid storage tanks
  • Oil skimming
  • Boom deployment
  • Sea wall cleaning
  • Debris collection
  • Transport of fluids
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Twin engines
  • Steel construction
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