A strong and powerful 24 meter catamaran


The revolutionary design that offers you the platform for both commercial and military duties

The modular KaziCat is your choice for any workboat duty

The strong and powerful 24 meter catamaran gives you multiple options – like an all-in-one solution.



  • Normal Workboat in ports
  • Module for transport of people in specially designed container
  • Module for transport of injured people in specially designed container – second row SAR
  • Module for garbage collection via conveyor belt into 2 x 20’ open top containers (lower container positions)
  • Module for Oil Spill Recovery where recovered oil is stored in 20’ containers (lower container positions)
  • Module for Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) installed in 20’ container – DESM Compact Clean IMO and
  • USCG approved allowing this vessel to handle ballast water from vessels still not having BWMS installed
  • Module for hull cleaning installed in 20’ container – allowing this vessel to perform hull cleaning with diver assistance
  • Module for sophisticated diving vessel with divers using hatch between hulls and also having a 20’ container with decompression tank
  • Module for fire fighting from aft of vessel
  • Module for transport of cargo using flat racks at two aft positions
  • Module for inspection of seabed using WASSP multibeam scanner
  • Module for scientific vessel with space for 2 x 20’ containers with laboratory equipment
  • KaziCat can also be delivered prepared for military applications like Search and Rescue, Seabed monitoring as well as having dedicated Drone unit onboard for enhanced observation tasks.
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