LARS - Launch & Recovery System

Launch And Recovery System


The ultimate, high capacity offshore skimming system with wireless umbilical. Giant Octopus skimmer head, including twin DOP pumps, 80m umbilical reel, power pack, crane, remote wireless control and 20’ flat rack.

The DESMI Giant Octopus System 3 LARS includes the DESMI Giant Octopus brush rail skimmer, an 80m umbilical hose, a hydraulically driven hose reel and a universal deck crane. This is all mounted on a 20’ flat rack complete with ISO corners. These are used for securing the rack and for easy transportation. This unique combination of skimmer, umbilical hose and crane on one 20’ flat rack makes it easy to conveniently position the system on the ship’s deck without disturbing the use of other facilities. The flexibility of this concept allows it to be used from other sites such as platforms, rigs and land based launch locations. The unit complies with “NOFO standard” platform supply vessels and is in conformity with the provisions of the Machinery Directive (Directive 2006/42/EC) and EC-directives 2004/108/EC.



The Giant Octopus LARS is designed for optimal operational efficiency and minimal maintenance and service. The cost of the maintenance and service is extremely low and it does not suffer the expense of more complex systems. The crane and the umbilical hose reel are fixed on a platform that rotate 360° on the flat rack. In addition, the crane can also rotate 360° on the same platform. This way the skimmer is very easy to deploy and recover in all conditions. It also allows for easy cleaning or maintenance. The crane can be transformed to an all purpose deck crane when detached from the umbilical hose and be used for general duty or winch operation. This is due to its’ exceptionally long reach and lifting capacity plus the cranes independent 360o degree operation.

The whole system can be powered by the DESMI 180Kw diesel hydraulic power pack or any external hydraulic system with a capacity of 320l/min at 210bar. With the DESMI power pack the Giant Octopus skimmer can be operated at full capacity including the brush rails, thrusters and the twin DESMI DOP 250 Dual pumps.


Recovery Unit

Dimension: 6,058 x 2,438 x 4.3 m
Weight with oil: 16,500 kg
NOFO standard hydraulic connection:
Hydraulic supply: 1¼”Snap Tite 371-3C16-20pp
Return: 1½” TEMA Flat Face FF 100 16-150 RV
Drain: ½” TEAM 5010 RV

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