A-BOOM Deployment

Environmentally friendly Fence Boom - VERY easy deployment displayed in this video.

This fence boom suit most protection purposes with regard to Oil Spill Response in a large number of protected water areas.

As a solid float fence type of boom it is immediately ready for deployment in the event of an oil spill in a harbour, jetty, lake or other protected water area.


The standard section length is 15 metres and the connection type is the well-proven U-bolt system which is so simple that missing parts can be easily sourced locally.


As the weight of the boom is only 1.5 kg/m a 15 metre section has a weight of only 22 kg.

The fabric used is PP and the floats are made of HDPE. This simple boom has vertical stiffeners which are made from fumigated bamboo rods which can also be immediately burned.

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