Shipboard dispersant spray system


The WIDESPRAY dispersant spray system comprises of a diesel driven pump set, a pair of spray arms fitted with special nozzles and a set of hoses for the suction of seawater, dispersant and discharge to the spray arms.

The WIDESPRAY unit can be diesel or electrically driven.


The pump set is fitted with a flow meter and a recirculation valve that allows you to set the flow rate according to the desired application rate. For dilute spraying an eductor is fitted which will give a mixture of up to 30% dispersant chemical in the seawater. This percentage can be varied.



The standard 4-6 m spray arms can be fixed to the sides of a vessel, preferably near the bow. Each arm is supplied with 3-4 nozzles that provide an even spray pattern.

The nozzles are provided with down pipes for vessels with a high freeboard.


  • Diesel driven spray set for the application of oil spill dispersant chemicals
  • Spark arrestor and electric start standard
  • Optimum droplet size
  • Efficient use of the expensive chemical
  • Down pipes include: Neat and dilute application + Choice of spray arms
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