Double diaphragm suction pump


The Spate PD 75 double diaphragm pump is an extremely versatile pump suitable for a wide variety of applications.
The pump is ideal for operation in oil spills, de- watering, construction, industry, tank cleaning and other general pumping duties.


The double diaphragm design creates a powerful suction and lift ability. These same diaphragms have a gentle pumping action that does not emulsify oil and water. This allows rapid gravity separation following pumping.




The speed and output of the hydraulically driven model is infinitely variable. It can be supplied with a hydraulic power unit. Both models are delivered fitted with oil resistant regulators. Simplicity of design and construction provide for total ease of maintenance. This extremely rugged pump has been used worldwide for various oil recovery applications.


  • Double diaphragm pump with the ability to self prime and run dry
  • Diesel and hydraulically driven versions
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Capacity up to 30m³ per hour
  • Solids handling up to 6 mm
  • Suction lift up to 9.1 m / 30 feet
  • Delivery head up to 30.5 m / 100 feet
  • Proven design



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