Collection, transport and disposal of recovered oils and liquids


The RO-TANKER is designed to operate with the RO-VAC or other suitable vacuum pumps. The RO-TANKER provides the operator with the most versatile system for collection, transport and disposal of recovered oils and liquids.

Primarily designed with oil spill applications in mind the RO-TANKER is fitted with large diameter wheels for towing over rough terrain by industrial or agricultural vehicles such as back hoes, tractors and trucks.
The RO-TANKER is manufactured in steel and has a capacity of 2,000, 4,000 and 5000 litres. It can withstand vacuum levels generated by common vacuum pumps. The RO-VAC is also capable of redirecting the air flow back into the tank for pressurized discharge. A large diameter hinged hatch with debris screen is fitted to the rear of the tank along with a bottom discharge connection.



  • Robust vacuum tank
  • Safety devices fitted
  • Hose racking
  • Large diameter wheels
  • Automatic shut off
  • Level gauge
  • Overrun and parking brakes
  • Vacuum and pressure
  • Can be used with the RO-VAC to make a complete vacuum system
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