The new aquatic device designed to replace the functions of a second boom sweep vessel.


Meeting the requirements for the open water, sheltered water, and shoreline/river water environments.


The DESMI RO-KITE is a floating water kite based on a combination of trawl door and ram-air parachute principles. The purpose of this device is to act as a flow powered ‘tow vessel’ for oil boom systems, where strong currents or high speed are factors during an oil spill recovery. When launched, the RO-KITE, powered by the current and in combination with the RO-KITE’s unique design makes it swing out and away from the ship towing the outer end of the sweep formation. Use of the RO-KITE provides a cost efficient recovery of floating oil as it obviates the need of an extra towing vessel, a jib arm system or, in fast flowing waters, the need of several anchor points.




The DESMI RO-KITE is offered in three basic models - the RO-KITE 2000 is designed for the requirements of the DESMI Speed-Sweep 2000/2200 system and any other sweeping systems with similar force requirements or more. The RO-KITE 1500 can be used in combination with DESMI Speed-Sweep 1500 and other similar sweeping arrangements. The RO-KITE Shallow Draft (S.D.). is ideal for many areas of operation requiring small draft sweeps e.g. rivers, and shoreline water environment.


  • Soft design that prevents risk of personal injuries by handling
  • Easy dismantling and packing for compact storage
  • Robust and non-vulnerable design that allows collision with ship structure
  • Hydrodynamic principles that minimize the required dimensions
  • Choice of long term proven materials for oil boom design
  • Can be handled manually on deck and can be arranged to be deployed without use of crane
  • Possible to deploy from Port and Starboard vessel side
  • Has a very little sensitivity to wave activity
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