January 2021

The Hyderabad Project

The project in Hyderabad is to express the willingness of all parties DESMI – WRI India – HMDA, Govt. of India, to engage in conducting a clean-up project upstream to the Hussain Sagar lake (the World’s largest heart shaped lake) in Hyderabad, India.

In less than a month, nine tonnes of waste have been stopped from entering into the lake. 
Hussain Sagar Lake was officially declared as the “Heart of the World” by United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2012 and several campaigns have run to save the heart of the world and we continue with our effort.

This project is a great example of how to strategically combat marine (plastic) pollution to create high positive impact on the society & sustainability of the environment by directly tapping onto various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are satisfied with the high performance of our clean-up systems by ensuring the best services at all times and our intention is to scale-up & replicate such impactful, high performance projects globally.

Samrat Basak Director – Urban Water, WRI India

"WRI India Ross Center has been engaging with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and the Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD), Government of Telangana over the last couple of years in developing a restoration action plan for the holistic transformation of the iconic Hussain Sagar lake with the ambition to bring back clean water, biodiversity and people.

The iconic lake has been adversely impacted by the flow of floating solid wastes from rapidly urbanizing upstream catchment." Says Samrat Basak, Director - Urban Water, WRI India

And he continues: "As part of this HMDA-led Hussain Sagar Lake clean-up initiative, we had the opportunity to collaborate with DESMI to implement an automated floating solid waste clean-up system in one of the inlet drains of Hussain Sagar Lake.


More than 1 ton of floating solid wastes (plastic, rubber and other wastes) was intercepted and cleared from the drain within just 3 days along with an ongoing daily clean-up of approximately 200 to 500 kgs (wet weight) floating solid wastes.

This effort showcased the ways to prevent the flow of floating solid wastes in urban water bodies and associated ecosystem by involving innovative, cutting-edge and proven technological solutions.


Further, this initiative has also successfully showcased the potential of involving Danish Technology to solve some of the critical sustainability challenges in India. We hope to see a replication of such similar systems across various cities, as floating solid wastes (primarily plastic wastes) is a common concern for all rapidly growing Indian cities."

The World’s largest heart shaped lake



If you are a municipality or any governmental organization, contact us to share your marine trash challenge and explore the possibilities with us to turn that into an opportunity to yield remarkable environmental gains.





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DESMI we are committed to the UNSDGs

UN Sustainable Development Goals

For years, DESMI has been committed to sustainable growth and as a natural step now also to the UN sustainable development goals set up by UN, and we stand together with local authorities and other manufacturers to try to make a difference.